Persecution in China

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on June 18, 2005

I just thought I'd share this tidbit from the July 4 issue of National Review:

When criticized for suppressing religious freedom, China's Communist rulers sometimes claim that churches in all countries are required to register with their governments. Meanwhile, word escapes Jilin province that 600 worshippers in underground Christian churches there were recently arrested. Yes, that's precisely how we do things in America. In other news, Cai Zhuohua, a Chinese pastor arrested last year for printing Bibles without state permission, is scheduled to be tried as NR goes to print. He faces a possible life sentence. If the trial proceeds with the fairness and transparency for which the Chinese legal system is celebrated, we shall probably never hear from Cai again.

Pray for Cai Zhuohua.


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