December 16, 2003
More funny corrections from the paper of record

What's going on with the copy desk over at The New York Times? An article on Friday about the views of L. Paul Bremer III, the American administrator in Iraq, about the country's future misstated the weight of the bombs that United States forces have dropped recently on sites believed to harbor urban guerrillas. They […]

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December 16, 2003
Mark Steyn on Howard Dean

Wednesday's Wall Street Journal has another great piece (aren't they all) by Mark Steyn. There was a revealing moment on MSNBC the other night. Chris Matthews asked Dr. Dean whether Osama bin Laden should be tried in an American court or at The Hague. "I don't think it makes a lot of difference," said the […]

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December 16, 2003
Ignorance about Social Security

David Hogberg has an excellent fisking of a Des Moines Register editorial opposing any partial privatization of Social Security and painting an unduly rosy view of the trust fund's future. The truth is that the second receipts into Social Security don't cover the payments, and they have to dip into all of those IOUs, we're […]

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December 16, 2003
Point for our side

London's Guardian newspaper reported on a rally in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit. The U.S. soldiers and Iraqi cops present deserve a nomination for the Comeback of the Year award. In the same northern Iraqi town yesterday, about 700 people rallied, chanting: "Saddam is in our hearts, Saddam is in our blood." US soldiers and […]

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December 16, 2003
An award well-deserved

Reuters has received Ignoble Award for dishonest reporting. Scroll down and notice that the Union-Tribune received a dishonorable mention for an article by Sandi Dolbee which likened an innocent victim of a suicide bombing to terror-defender Rachel Corrie's accidental death defending a tunnel used to smuggle arms, drugs and prostitutes into Palestinian-controlled areas.

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December 16, 2003
It's only on posters, TV commercials, etc.

The correction of the day from The New York Times: A review of "Lord of the Rings" on Page 6 of The Arts today misstates the opening day in some copies. The film opens around the country tomorrow, not today. One of the most anticipated movies of the year. One that appears on fan sites […]

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December 16, 2003
Bush's bad timing

Rep. Jim McDermott, Washington State's designated idiot in the Congress said Saddam's capture on Saturday was timed to help President Bush politically. In an interview Monday with a Seattle radio station, McDermott said the U.S. military could have found the former Iraqi dictator "a long time ago if they wanted." Asked if he thought the […]

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What kind of #consistency can we expect from the fact-checking professionals at PolitiFact?

The inconsistent kind (how it started, how it's going):


New column: Newsom's electric cars nirvana collides with reality- CalMatters

This is clever framing to preserve the narrative without actually touching what’s at stake.

Here’s what the poll actually says:

📊 37% say abortion should be “always legal” (preserving Roe)
📊 60% say there should be limits on abortion (which would overturn Roe)

Meet the Press@MeetThePress

BUT abortion is now center stage:

60% say abortion should be legal all or most of the time — the highest ever in our polls — versus 37% who say it should illegal all or most of the time.

And abortion has now become the TOP issue for single-issue voters.

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