December 3, 2003
What a racket

The Wall Street Journal's John Fund takes a look at the public financing of presidential elections that shells out nearly $1 million to Lyndon Larouche. If that isn't bad enough, he also notes a quirk about the public financing of mayoral elections in New York City. New York's financing system has already produced a windfall […]

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December 3, 2003
Neutrality vs. Antagonism

The Supreme Court yesterday heard oral arguments in the case of a Washington State student who received a merit scholarship that was rescinded after he decided to major in pastoral ministry. In the past, the court has decided that vouchers could legally be awarded to students, even if the students used those vouchers to attend […]

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December 3, 2003
The superior gaming console

Not only is the Xbox the only one to have the incredible Halo. It also stops bullets. Really.

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December 3, 2003

The intelligentsia on the left have often had their fun with gaffes by Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Dan Quayle to George W. Bush. It appears as though Democrat presidential hopeful Howard Dean may give the right a similar opportunity for hilarity. Many have already pointed out Dean's repeated referrals to the Soviet Union as […]

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To put Bruen in context, we've now had about as many decisions striking down laws on Second Amendment grounds in the *3 months* since Bruen as we had in the nation as a whole in the *60 years* preceding Heller, according to research from @adamwinkler in 2006.

Yet another example of how antigunners would prefer more gun-related deaths if the alternative is a pro-gun group getting some bit of credit for reducing them.

A cartoon that teaches kids gun safety is offensive now? I don't think any TV network carries Eddie Eagle. Only way a

Jonas Edwards-Jenks @Jonas_EJ

"Founder @shannonrwatts of @MomsDemand asserts that Eddie Eagle is 'a propaganda tool, similar to Joe Camel in marketing cigarettes to kids.' Her critique is painfully plausible."

Makes me embarrassed to be a 'scientist', whatever that means anymore

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