October 27, 2003
Fire photos

I can't get too close -- though if I wanted to I'm sure I could use my Union-Tribune ID to bluff my way past the police lines -- but the Paradise Fire here in the Escondido area is still going strong. The Wild Animal Park has been closed and the California Condor exhibit has been […]

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October 27, 2003
Ashton Kutcher says

Sen. John Edwards, you've been punk'd!

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October 27, 2003
Jay Rockefeller redux

After his embarrasing performance on Fox News Sunday two weeks ago, Jay Rockefeller tries his hand at coherence, consistency and credibility again, this time on "Meet the Press." Once again, Rockefeller takes aim at George W. Bush, turns the gun around and shoots himself in the foot. Rockefeller argued that the Bush administration was not […]

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October 27, 2003
Fire's still burning

But all the local stations have gone off the aire for the night -- I guess that's a good sign. Check out the San Diego Union-Tribune Web site, it's got a ton of good information. The numbers at this time: At least 11 dead 250,000 acres burned in Southern California 800+ homes destroyed in So. […]

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It is now an inevitability that whatever the story, however complex its details, members of the American press will react by announcing who must be forbidden to speak going forward. https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/11/when-journalists-become-speech-police/

Rep.-elect John James (MI) and Rep.-elect Wesley Hunt (TX) are close friends and are first two Black graduates of West Point to enter Congress. They are even from the same class! Both Republicans. No surprise there have been almost zero national media profiles of either or both.

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October 2003



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