October 24, 2003
Tucker's book

Just got finished reading Tucker Carlson's book "Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites." It's a fun book, but at 192 pages in length, it's just not worth the $24.95 list price. Amazon's selling it for $17 and change, but it's probably not worth that much either -- wait for the paperback. (But if you're gonna buy it, […]

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October 24, 2003
Scanning the wires

When I have a few spare minutes at work, I'll often scan the wire feed coming into the newsroom. This is a raw feed that you really can't access anywhere on the Web. As I was checking out the op-ed wire coming in last evening, I noticed today's editorials from The New York Times had […]

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October 24, 2003
Duranty's Pulitzer

When word came earlier this week that Columbia University professor Mark von Hagen had completed his report on Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Walter Duranty with the suggestion that the prize be revoked. For those unfamiliar with him, Duranty parroted Soviet President Josef Stalin's propoganda and covered up a forced famine in the Ukraine that led to […]

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October 24, 2003
Not the sharpest tool in the shed

GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce was quoted on Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume making the following statement while visiting a hospital in Iraq yesterday. The effects of the embargo are widespread. There are fewer nurses trained, there are fewer doctors trained, and the medical equipment shortages obviously a problem in his eyes. So we […]

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