August 28, 2003
Fidel Castro goes to heaven...

Thanks to NRO's Jay Nordlinger for this one: Castro dies and goes to heaven [bear with us]. When he gets there, St. Peter tells him that he is not on the list and that, no way, no how, does he belong in heaven. Castro must go to hell. So Castro goes to hell, where Satan […]

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August 28, 2003
Taxes in Alabama

The Wall Street Journal's John Fund has an article on the effort to significantly raise taxes in Alabama by appealing to the public's religious beliefs. Fund's key paragraph: How would Jesus tax the state? Well, no can say for sure. But it's a safe bet that waste, duplication of services and pork-barrel spending aren't in […]

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August 28, 2003
Gray Davis' word magic

Robert Musil explains how California Gov. Gray Davis does verbal prestidigitation.

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August 28, 2003
Bad journalism

The New York Times again lets its editorials work their way onto the news pages. As reported on Fox News and, a Times article by Elisabeth Bumiller purports to find dissatisfaction with Bush's performance by conservative religious people. At the same time, some religious supporters of Mr. Bush say they feel betrayed by promises […]

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🧵Please indulge me more on this topic: Yesterday's Bloomberg article misrepresenting Thune's comments on entitlement reform is part of a broader issue:
Most media coverage of Social Security, Medicare & unsustainable debt has long been narrative-driven and, yes, dishonest. (1/)

More broken accountability at the International Fact-Checking Network (@factchecknet) and the @Poynter Institute.

The IFCN allows people to register complaints about the its stable of "verified" signatories to its code of principles. @Google and @YouTube $hould pay attention.

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