August 22, 2003
Why wait until now?

The Treasury Dept. announces that they're freezing the funds of five groups believed to support the terrorist group Hamas and the funds of six "top Hamas leaders." Why did we wait until after the latest bus bombing before doing this?

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August 22, 2003
American legal "thought" leads the way

During the past few years one of the "hot" topics of discussion in the African-American community has been the possibility of the federal government paying reparations to the descendants of slaves. It is, of course, ridiculous to demand payment from people who never owned slaves to people who were never slaves themselves. But this creative […]

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August 22, 2003
Bad, bad BBC

Josh Chafetz responds to critics of his Weekly Standard piece here. The Economist also finds BBC's reporting (specifically that of their "star" reporter Andrew Gilligan) to be wanting. The BBC management is also taken to task. Remember guys, it's the cover-up that gets you.

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August 22, 2003
Read it and weep

Social Security is going to tank, and the politicians continue to dither. With each passing year the cure becomes more fiscally painful. From Pete du Pont's Wall Street Journal column: Unless something is done, the Social Security Administration will have no choice but to cut benefits. The impact of those reductions will start falling on […]

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Amazing farewell for #DeltaIVHeavy st #VANDENBERG and great photos by @lwood83 @RC_FirePhoto and Matt Udkow

I tweeted a few days ago about what appeared to me to be a largely baseless charge of plagiarism made by @PhilWMagness. The evidence of plagiarism is more extensive than I was led to believe by the article I’d read about it. I’m deleting the tweets and I apologize to Mr. Magness.

I remember the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran where people were protesting for basic human rights. The Obama administration, including you as Secretary of State, never did anything to help them. And Biden won't do anything now, because he'd rather have a terrible nuke deal.

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton

Iranians are protesting for their basic human rights in the aftermath of the horrific death of Mahsa Zhina Amini. Iranians deserve to live free from violence and intimidation. The world is watching.

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