Ironic stupidity

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Look, I’m not a Apple fan. I’m tech-savvy enough that I can blissfully manage on hardware that may not be as elegant as what Apple produces, but is far cheaper. And, frankly, the hagiography in the media over Steve Jobs’ death is just a little over the top. However, this is funny.

A few notes

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First, never underestimate the lack of influence this blog has on the Republican Party. Second, Andy Levy’s apology to rapper Chris Brown. Best. Apology. Ever. Finally, Jon Huntsman, go away.

Videos of the day

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First, we have the Democratic Senate candidate from South Carolina, Alvin Greene. The only thing funnier than O’Donnell’s ridiculous questions are Greene’s ridiculous answers. You want some evidence the media leans left? Greene has received just a fraction of the attention for his wackiness that Christine O’Donnell has.   Last week there was a big hubbub […]

Bon Mot

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Here’s a good one via Hot Air: “It’s been 60 years since we went to war in Korea,” said [Congressman Ron] Paul. “Why do we have to have troops there?” “North Korea!” yelled a heckler.

From comedy to farce

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Saturday night, “Saturday Night Live” opened with this sketch. Yes, that’s a comedian, pretending to be President Barack Obama, making jokes. Yes, that was stating the obvious. Unless you’re CNN, then you decide that these jokes are worthy of a fact-check. Do you remember CNN “fact-checking” when Tina Fey/Sarah Palin falsely stated (for effect) that […]