Veto Gunmageddon

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Veto Gunmageddon

Veto Gunmageddon

My column in this week’s San Luis Obispo Tribune highlights the effort by California gun owners to exercise a citizens veto over the dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers “common sense” gun control laws passed this summer by our betters in Sacramento. Proponents have titled the effort: Veto Gunmageddon.

I’ve already signed the petitions, but for those who are interested in following my lead and getting these referendums on the ballot, head on over to to find a location near you where the petitions are located. You can also donate to the cause or find ways to volunteer there as well.

My column was also linked in one of my go-to sources for Second Amendment and firearms-related news: The Truth About Guns. The downside: They got my name wrong.

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