More inconvenient truths

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The latest update on the dynamically-updated sea ice extent graph shows some good news for those poor polar bears.

The chart only goes back to 2002, because that’s when the satellite that’s doing the measuring was launched. But it now shows that there is more sea ice at this time of year than there has been since 2002.

Remember that little factoid when they’re screaming about how we must have carbon caps to prevent global warming.

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  1. Angie Smith says:

    What is the so-called “global warming” of which Gore speaks in his “Inconvenient Truth” junk novel? Could it be that the sun had caused this warming? Just how stupid can Gore, along with his idiotic illuminatis, be? Did he ever thoroughly research this issue? The “Father of the Internet”–that man will never be the sharpest tool in the shed! He’s such an embarrassment!

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