Whichever way the wind blows

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The New York Times editorial writers should resign en masse. They’re an embarrassment to the entire principle of honest analysis and clear thinking.

Just over a month ago, the Times published a lengthy and morally bankrupt editorial urging the United States to pull all of its troops out of Iraq while acknowledging that such a move would result in hundreds of thousands dead due to ethnic cleansing and genocide and create a terrorist haven.

Rule #1 of editorial writing: When you change your editorial position, acknowledge the change and explain the reason for the change.

The Times ignores so many other journalistic rules, it shouldn’t be surprising that they violate this one.

From an editorial in today’s paper entitled: “Wrong Way Out of Iraq.”

The United States cannot walk away from the new international terrorist front it created in Iraq. It will need to keep sufficient forces and staging points in the region to strike effectively against terrorist sanctuaries there or a Qaeda bid to hijack control of a strife-torn Iraq.

Wait a second, a month ago, the Times acknowledged all of this and was OK with it. Now, we shouldn’t pull all our troops out? Have the Times editorialists gotten their marching orders from Sen. Hillary Clinton and other not-insane Democrats that we’re going to have to keep some troops in Iraq for quite some time to come? (Remember, we still have troops in Bosnia.)

Politics, not any form of principle, drives the New York Times editorial board. More than any other newspaper in the nation, they tow a political party’s line. They’d save Times shareholders money if they’d sack the editorial board and just republish Democratic National Committee press releases.

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  1. JorgXMcKie says:

    Didn’t Bill Clinton *promise* that our troops would be out of Bosnia in a year? Was that a ‘business year’ or something? Or a celestial ‘year’ which might be a million or a billion human years? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning the NYT’s patriotism. I am, however, questioning their honesty and their sanity.

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