100 mph in a Pious

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I haven’t written anything about Al Gore III’s arrest for allegedly speeding and possessing pot and a variety of prescription drugs — mainly because I agree with the good captain that it’s irrelevant to any larger issues of public policy.

What held greater interest for me was how the media would handle the story — specifically the broadcast media. I’d been hoping that the Media Research Center would do some sort of analysis comparing media reaction and coverage of Gore III’s actions to the infamous underage drinking escapades of the Bush twins.

From what I can tell, the press has largely (there’s always an exception — with an angle) given the story the level of attention that it deserves — not much. However, it’s also my impression that this editorial judgement is newfound — there seems to be much more interest when it’s the kid of those right-wing, fundamentalist Christian types than it is the child of a more enlightened and understanding lefty.

On a related note: Doesn’t all of the fuel economy go right into the garbage when you’re going 100 mph in a Prius?

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