A primer for the anti-Christian conspiracy theorists

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Kathleen Parker had an informative column in Sunday’s Union-Tribune Insight section — the headline says it all: “Christians have differing world views.”

Among paranoiacs who see a Jerry Falwell or a John Hagee in every burning bush, U.S. support for Israel isn’t about protecting the only healthy democracy in the Middle East, but about advancing Armageddon and, yes, the Second Coming.

At last, we’ll get to know what Jesus would drive. Most likely, he’d drive out the conspiracy theorists on both sides of this imagined apocalypse.

For those who do not spend their days pulling imaginary bugs out of their eye sockets, “Christianist” is a relatively new term that roughly refers to a virulent strain of right-wing political Christianity that, supposedly, parallels Islamist lunacy.

Although both groups may be “true believers,” those who try to connect the dots of Christian belief, specifically evangelical Christianity, to Islamism seem willing to overlook the fact that Islamists praise Allah and fly airplanes into buildings while Christianists praise Jesus and pass the mustard.

Read the whole thing.

The sad thing about Parker’s article is that it ever needed to be written. There is a big part of the DailyKos/left-wing loony Democrat base that honestly believes that evangelical Christians are more dangerous to America than the Islamofascists responsible for 9/11 or blowing up nightclubs in Bali.

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