July 24, 2006
A clue?

If it wasn't obvious before now, the United Nations is at best useless and at worst an impediment to peace in the world. How else to explain U.N. humanitarian coordinator Jan Egeland's (pictured indicating his total IQ) announcement that Israel has violated "humanitarian law" by trying to defend itself from Hezbollah. Talk about clueless. Hezbollah […]

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July 24, 2006
I was...will he shut up?

According to Michelle Malkin, NBC's Chris Matthews -- who has his own show that people occassionally watch -- said that if neoconservatives had "been in a schoolyard fight in high school like they should've been, we wouldn't be seeing the world we're getting from them today." Bolshevik Storytelling. As Thomas Sowell so powerfully argued in […]

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July 24, 2006
That Bible thing

The Episcopal bishop of Arkansas of all places has given his subordinates the go-ahead to "bless" homosexual "unions." At St. Michael's in Little Rock, the Rev. Ed Wills said a same-sex couple is planning a blessing ceremony that is tentatively set for September. "God is about community, about belonging, about a relationship," Wills said. Couples […]

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July 24, 2006
Terrorists in our midst

On Friday, there was a pro-Hezbollah terrorism rally in Boston. That's Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Check out some of the pictures and video over at Solomonia. Seeing how this guy was treated by the terrorism-supporters at this rally, no one should be surprised if these people start strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up Americans here.

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SENATOR CASSIDY: "Why doesn't the president care?"

YELLEN: "He cares very deeply."

CASSIDY: "Then where is his plan?"

YELLEN: "He stands ready to work with Congress."

CASSIDY: "That's a lie! A bipartisan group of senators have repeatedly requested to meet with him!"

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