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By Matthew Hoy on January 29, 2002

The Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web Today" includes an item from The Desert Sun of Palm Springs, which happens to be the place where I had my first-ever interview for a newspaper job. I'm reprinting the item here in full, because it's very scary.

The Clinton Legacy
The Desert Sun of Palm Springs, Calif., publishes an appalling op-ed piece by one Lindsay Llarena, a 13-year-old girl. Some background: Earlier this month, Blaine Trimble, a former policeman who served as a "resource officer" at Indio High School, pleaded guilty to "two counts of consensual digital penetration with a minor," according to a Jan. 8 Associated Press dispatch. The sexual encounters involved a 17-year-old girl and took place on school grounds.

When he's sentenced Feb. 6, two counts of "unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor" will be dismissed. Trimble's expected sentence: probation, community service and counseling. Young Lindsay's article is a response to an earlier column, by Cindy Uken, arguing that the sentence was too mild. Lindsay blames the girl for Trimble's actions:

The girl should've known not to do this, unless she wasn't brought up to know right from wrong. . . . Blaine is a very kind man and is a person who wouldn't parade around school looking for innocent minors. . . .

Also, he probably did care when he was getting his "jollies." Blaine needed to have the girl's trust to have a sexual relationship with her. . . .

Everybody makes mistakes, nobody's perfect, and there is no perfect world.

Look at Bill Clinton. He was an honorable person. He ran our country, and he had an affair. He didn't even get a punishment, and his authority ranked above police officers.

We can't blame Lindsay for her moral slovenliness. After all, it takes a village.

The only thing that scares me more than this teenage girl is her parents.


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