Don't do us any favors

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Back at the height of Catastrophic Anthropogenic (human-caused) Global Warming alarmism, our betters in Sacramento passed Assembly Bill 32 which created a carbon marketplace (a concept championed by the likes of Enron) that oil producers and power plant operators would have to participate in by buying credits to offset their carbon dioxide output. After several […]

The lame defenses of the IRS

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Over the past week or so, some of the more devoted (and blinkered) supporters of the IRS have tried to make the case that the agency’s targeting of conservative and tea party groups was all a big mistake and anyway, it’s the GOP’s fault. The latest example of this is the Brookings Institution’s  Henry J. […]

I believe Lois Lerner

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Last week, appearing before the House Oversight Committee, Lois Lerner told the elected officials that she had done nothing wrong. I believe her. Let me rephrase that. I believe that she believes she’s done nothing wrong. Because, it turns out, what she was doing from 2010 through sometime in 2012 and possibly continuing even today […]

Tone deaf

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Last week the IRS official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations sorta-testified before Congress to the fact that she’d done nothing illegal before invoking her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination for her non-illegal actions. Today, Obama spokesflack Jay Carney had this to say about the quality of the testimony IRS officials have been providing Congress. […]

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

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If you missed much of the testimony of outgoing, acting,  IRS Commissioner Steven Miller before a House committee on Friday, then you didn’t see one of the most infuriating performances by an ostensibly public servant in recent history. Miller, who will leave his post two weeks early cannot be trusted with a hot dog cart, […]

How government bureaucrats are like the media

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This morning’s “Morning Jolt” e-newsletter written by National Review’s Jim Geraghty has some discussion of the Obama administration scandal du jour that the IRS targeted conservative groups with “Tea Party” and “Patriot” in their names for extra harrassment scrutiny when filing for tax-exempt status. We don’t yet know who exactly knew what and when. There’s no evidence […]

The stupid, it burns

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So, as part of my other job that must-not-be-named I found myself over at Mother Jones, reading this article by David Corn. There’s far less to the article than Corn would have you believe. Corn attempts to make a lot of hay out four non-committal sentences in an interview House Speaker John Boehner gave back […]

Lies Obama told me

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The left-wing Tax Policy Center and Obama’s sycophantic media (and Politifraud which rates it “Mostly True”) have joined up to look at the broad outlines and principles of Mitt Romney’s tax plan and decided that Republicans plan to raise taxes on the middle class while cutting them for the wealthy. The Wall Street journal has […]

Olympic-sized taxes

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Politifraud did it again this week. Americans for Tax Reform came out with a press release linked to the Olympic fever pointing out that for those athletes that find themselves in to top tax bracket this year, each gold medal will cost them up to $9,000 in taxes. Note the “up to” and “top tax […]

Can’t stop the stupid

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Given the opportunity to look like an honest man, Harry Reid has decided to go for broke on his big lie. On Wednesday, Reid stuck to his story, and broadened it. "I am not basing this on some figment of my imagination," Reid said in a telephone call with Nevada reporters. "I have had a […]