Paris Climate Craziness

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Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, much to the hysterical dismay of those whose religion is catastrophic anthropogenic  global warming climate change. Responses on Twitter took two disparate tracks: one was that the world would be ending shortly; and that the Paris agreement was really a […]

Carly on California’s Drought

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Newsbusters highlighted some common sense on the part of GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” this morning. Host Chuck Todd presented Fiorina with the common, accepted liberal wisdom that climate change is contributing to the drought and wildfires that are plaguing her home state of California. As Fiorina noted, droughts […]

Coming Climate Catastrophe?

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I’ve long been on the record that the global warming/climate change/climate catastrophe or whatever the preferred alarmist formulation of the moment is bogus. There is no coming climate catastrophe. One of the main proofs of this is Instapundit’s regular claim that he’ll start worrying that it’s a crisis when the people yelling loudly that it’s […]

Censors on the left

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I can remember the days when liberals were strongly in favor of free speech. They would quote with pride the line attributed to Voltaire (but really made by English writer Beatrice Evelyn Hall) “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Instead, […]

Irony lost on Kayaktivists

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There’s a huge offshore drilling rig currently docked in Seattle, and another on its way, before making their way to their final home off the coast of Alaska. The greens in the Emerald City are outraged and have shown their outrage by attempting to block the rigs using kayaks. Of course, you know what most kayaks nowadays […]

Snowmaggedon 2015! Everybody panic!

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I realize that many will believe my casual dismissal of the big storm hitting the East Coast is a result of today’s the temperature here locally on the Central Coast of California where it reached a balmy 75 degrees today. However, I want to assure our New England readers that I feel your pain. It’s […]

Climate Change hooey

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The holiday season is the time of year when you get to spend quality time with people who think you’re a crank. I’ve got something a little longer (and on a different subject) to write about later that was prompted by this same family discussion, but first things first. My position on “climate change” in […]

Your tax dollars at work

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This might be funny if it weren’t for the fact that these are tax dollars and real people’s livelihood involved. A politically connected, taxpayer-funded solar firm announced a massive round of furloughs on Friday, just weeks after its chairman told Congress his company was “financially strong.” First Solar, an Arizona-based solar panel manufacturer that received […]

Idiot of the Day

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Here in San Luis Obispo County, plastic grocery bags are soon to become a thing of the past. They’re useful, cheap and convenient, so they must be snuffed out in the name of doing it “for the children.” It seems Los Angeles may be following suit. I want to highlight two items regarding this isssue. […]