Keeping kids safe on campus

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Despite what some may believe, I really do care about keeping kids safe on campus. In the wake of the horrific massacre last week at Parkland, Fla.’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead, I got the predictable query from KVEC 920 AM radio host Dave Congalton to come on his show and […]

Sexual assault is a serious crime

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Sexual assault is a serious crime, and it should be treated as such. Since 2011, when the Obama administration’s Education Department released its infamous “Dear Colleague” letter, many colleges and universities have taken it upon themselves to create a legal system that bears more in common with star chambers than with the legal regime under the […]

shut up, they said

Shut up, they said

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Two events this past week illustrate exactly how illiberal and totalitarian the political left in this country has become in the months since it became clear they hold exactly zero levers of power in Washington, D.C., with the election of President Donald Trump. They don’t want to hear what the right has to say, they […]

Milo Yiannopoulos and Free Speech

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This week’s column in the San Luis Obispo Tribune is on alt-right bomb-thrower Milo Yiannopoulos’ upcoming visit to Cal Poly and calls to disinvite him or turn his speech into some sort of panel discussion. For the latter, I’m not sure if the people pushing for this have actually watched video of any of Yiannopoulos’ appearances—even […]

Common sense prohibited

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The San Luis Obispo Tribune has published my latest column on school administrators and their unthinking adherence to “the rules.” The long and short of it: When this kid wants to go to prom, you find a way to make it happen. The community has rallied to put on a special prom for Jared Springer, and he […]

Hell hath no fury

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is a paraphrase of a line written by British playwright William Congreve. Columbia University graduate Emma Sulkowicz is Exhibit A for the 21st Century that Congreve continues to be right. Sulkowicz has made a name for herself carrying around a mattress at Columbia University, including at last […]

The University of Virginia rape story

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If you’re not familiar with the story, I commend to you this article by National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke. If I were teaching a journalism class today (as if any j-school faculty would have someone with my views), we’d spend a week on this story. What you would do as an editor when presented with […]

Higher education

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I made a mistake last night before I went to bed—I checked my twitter feed. What did I see, a tweet by actor Adam Baldwin (You might know him as Jayne from “Firefly”)  a rare “out” conservative in Hollywood. Had re-tweeted some comments by Sonoma State University Professor Cynthia Boaz. (Thank you Andrew Breitbart for […]

Glass Houses, stones

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan needs to learn that humility is a worthwhile trait to cultivate. When Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Duncan thought that would be an opportune time to criticize the state of education in Texas. U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Texas’s school system “has really […]

Clueless education reformers

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A complaint that just about everyone has at some point in time is that reporters just get it wrong. Usually this is most obvious when the issue is complicated and the reporter lacks extensive experience on the topic at hand. This appears not to be the case for Kyle Olson over at Olson is […]