Posting has been sporadic lately largely for two reasons:

First, I’ve suffered a relatively minor recurrence of sciatica that first hit me about 5 years ago. So, I’m currently in a reasonable amount of pain which makes it difficult to summon the necessary energy and moral outrage to blog.

Second, I’ve taken a part time gig that I might reveal more about later. It is political/internet/journalism related and also has the side effect of acting as an outlet for some of the aforementioned energy and moral outrage.

Hopefully, an improvement in my physical well-being will result in increased blogging in coming weeks.

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3 Responses to A quick personal note

  1. Bruce Berger says:


    I hope you feel better soon. Sciatica cannot be any fun I am sure. Good luck on the part-time gig.

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  2. Judy says:

    Matt, I feel your pain. Get well soon and best of luck with the new gig, I am looking forward to hear all about it.

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  3. terrence says:

    I have known a few people who suffered mightily with sciatica; I hope it ends soon, if it has not already done so.

    All the best on the new stuff!

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