The media's lies

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I really shouldn’t be surprised when the media lazily lies to promote President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s agenda. Driving into work this morning I caught the on-the-hour report by Associated Press Radio News’ Rita Foley. Foley characterized the last continuing resolution passed by the GOP House as “gutting Obamacare.”

For the record, that “gutting” was to delay (not defund) the individual mandate—as President Obama has done with the business mandate (extra-legally)—for one year and forcing members of Congress, their staffs and the executive branch to participate in Obamacare exchanges without the benefit of Obama’s extra-legally approved subsidies.

Those two items are so crucial to Obamacare that removing them are tantamount to “gutting” the entire 2,000+ page law and its tens of thousands of pages of regulations.


The bad news is that Foley isn’t alone in her Democrat party hackitude.

Yesterday, MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin conceded that the press was “largely sympathetic” to the Democrats’ shutdown argument and examples of ostensibly “straight” news reporting following that line were identified in the Washington Post and Associated Press reporting.

The mainstream media are not objective, unbiased observers. They’re partisans and should be treated as such.

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