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The Union-Tribune’s bi-monthly book sale for charity netted me former CBS newsman Bernard Goldberg’s latest book “Crazies to the left of me; Wimps to the right” in paperback.

The book is a quick, breezy read, that basically lays out Goldberg’s personal politics and beliefs. Republicans, and even Joe Lieberman-style Democrats will find much to agree with Goldberg on. But, like anyone else in this world, no one will find all of Goldberg’s positions to their liking.

Goldberg assails the Democrats for just about everything — from its lack of intestinal fortitude in fighting terrorism to its uncritical allegiance to political correctness that betrays the principals the Democrats of JFK’s era held dear.

Republicans come in for Goldberg’s ire for their borrow-and-spend ways and efforts at getting Intelligent Design taught in public schools.

This book isn’t as good as Goldberg’s earlier exposes of the TV news business in “Bias” and “Arrogance” — though there is some media criticism in the book. But it is a pretty good read.

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