December 12, 2006
Stick that in your ear, Lee Corso

I hate Lee Corso. The ESPN college football commentator is ignorant, annoying and a waste of air time. The thing that solidified my view of Corso was 1992's Heisman Trophy race when Corso touted Miami QB Gino Torretta week after week over an obviously superior player -- Marshall Faulk. Torretta won, probably with some help […]

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November 22, 2006
That's about right

I mentioned the Olshansky/Nalen incident earlier this week. Well, the league office has spoken. Olshansky is being fined $10,000 -- $5,000 for each blow to Nalen's thick head. Nalen is being fined $25,000 -- a small price to pay for his try at ending Olshansky's career.

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November 20, 2006
Two wrongs

I watched the Sunday night Chargers-Broncos game with Hoystory the Elder and a group of current and retired teachers and administrators. It was an exciting game. With last week's come-from-behind victory over the Bengals combined with last nights, I feel like the old Air Coryell days have returned. One thing remains the same, and I'm […]

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September 25, 2006

There's a great article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine on Michael Oher. My favorite part: From the first play of the game, the Munford defensive end who lined up directly across from Michael targeted him for special ridicule. The Munford player was about 6-foot-2 and couldn’t have weighed more than 220 pounds, and […]

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September 24, 2006

That's the number of career saves by San Diego Padres closer Trevor Hoffman has after today's 2-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Congratulations Trevor! Oh, and congratulations on taking your dear, sweet time getting a story up More than 45 minutes after a Major League record is set, the MLB homepage looked like this:

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September 9, 2006
It's football season again!

And I'd like to take this opportunity to note No. 4/5 Cal Poly SLO's victory over Weber State. After trouncing Division II foe Fort Lewis last week 44-0, Cal Poly followed up with another shutout with yesterday's 17-0 victory. That's right. Two weeks in and ZERO points allowed. Go Mustangs!

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August 9, 2006
Major League smackdown

A federal judge ruled yesterday that the basic statistics about sports and the players' names are not subject to copyright. Medler barred the baseball players union and, the league's Internet arm that operates its own fantasy league, from interfering with CBC. "The undisputed facts establish that the names and playing records of (MLB) players […]

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June 17, 2006
What Eric Wynalda said

When the U.S. Soccer team lost earlier this week to the Czech Republic, I was disappointed. The Americans played lazy and uninspiring soccer. Today's game was a mirror image with the U.S. forcing the action on the Italian side of the pitch, even when they were down 10 men to nine. They still ended up […]

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June 3, 2006
World Cup update

Today's news out of the World Cup in Germany: BERLIN - The media center next to the stadium set to host the World Cup final was evacuated Friday when a World War II explosive was found on the grounds. A gardener at the Olympiastadion reported a suspicious device about 30 yards from the stadium. The […]

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May 27, 2006
It's Memorial Day Weekend

Which means its the College Lacrosse Final Four!

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I'm half-way through this opening statement by @mtaibbi and already I want to stand and applaud.

This complaint was resolved (not really!) in mere hours!

Seriously, this is crazy, @factchecknet. Your transparency on this craziness is long overdue. @baybarsorsek @Ferdi_Ozsoy

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