July 18, 2002
Which is sillier?

OpinionJournal.com's "Tony & Tacky" piece this week features an Ohio woman who is suing the Brookfield (Pa.) School District for $1.5 million. Why? Well it seems her son wanted to write about Jesus being the person who most influenced him for a essay assignment. The teacher said nope, because Jesus was not a real person. […]

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January 2, 2002
Even more on media bias

Liberals cheered when former president Ronald Reagan was shot -- literally. You can find the story here. It's sad that so many of these same people think that the death penalty for murderers is barbaric. Killing a Republican is OK, but executing a mass-murderer after a fair trial and lengthy appeals process is not. Where […]

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December 6, 2001
Geraldo the joke

Geraldo Rivera is a very funny guy. Problem is, he's really not trying to be funny. Listening to "Hannity & Colmes" on Fox News, I hear Geraldo recount his close call with an al Qaeda sniper. I'm wondering if Geraldo saw his life flash before his eyes and he's as disappointed with his life as […]

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SEN. LANKFORD: "Can you help me get a good definition of 'birthing people?'"

BECERRA: "We're trying to be precise in the language that's used."

SEN. LANKFORD: "Mom is a pretty good word. That's worked for a while."

Ummm...who elected her? Is there something wrong with the guy we did elect? What do we pay the FLOTUS? A "United States government official"?

Jill Biden@FLOTUS

Prepping for the G7.

One of the most frightening articles I've ever read.


So, @SLOTribune columnist and local Democratic party apparatchik Tom Fulks was on local radio last night and told listeners that the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is that the Democratic Party wants to help people and the GOP wants to hurt people 1/

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