January 30, 2011
Hoystory goes to the theatre

Just got back from the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center and saw the traveling version of the Tony Award-winning musical “Spring Awakening.” The musical is based on the 1891 play by Frank Wedekind—which was understandably banned in Germany at the time. Based upon the musical, I’d be a little surprised if the play was performed […]

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October 1, 2009
Moral compass

Some Hollywood types have started a petition (because that’s what they do best) calling for the end of the prosecution of admitted child-rapist Roman Polanski. Here’s the gem of the article from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein: "Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion," Weinstein said. I guess the “best moral compass” is […]

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September 5, 2008
The mature and the immature

Some celebrities are adults: When Barack Obama finished his acceptance speech Thursday night (Aug. 28) at the Democratic National Convention, a lot of country fans were no doubt surprised — or downright shocked — that Brooks & Dunn’s “Only in America” provided the soundtrack to the festivities while the Obama family and vice presidential candidate […]

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May 29, 2008
Harvey Korman, RIP

Harvey Korman, one of America's greatest funnymen, died today at 81. The world is a less funny place now.

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June 10, 2004
Ray Charles, RIP

One of America's greatest musicians, Ray Charles, died today at 73. They played both his excellent version of "You Are My Sunshine," and, his rendition of (and perhaps the best version ever done of) "America the Beautiful," on the radio on my way into work today. The guy had talent by the truckloads. He will […]

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December 9, 2003
Too many awards shows

I'm flipping channels and FX has on the "DVD Awards." Somebody ought to make a list of all of these -- cause this is silly.

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December 4, 2003
Bad news for Babs

A judge has thrown out liberal strategist Barbra Streisand's lawsuit against the California Coastal Records Project for taking an aerial photograph of her Malibu cliffside home. This was a no-brainer decision -- and the fact that the judge is considering awarding legal fees to the CCRP is just icing on the cake.

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November 20, 2003
My only post on the subject

Michael Jackson's booking photo is freaky. The unfortunate thing is that every time they do a piece on the subject (which will be much too often), they're going to use that photo. There ought to be some rule about not showing that photo during the "family hour." And no, I'm not linking to it. You […]

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September 24, 2003

The Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last takes on the Dixie Chicks' latest pronouncement that they're no longer country music artists -- they're rock 'n' rollers. Forget for a moment that this is like Ian McKellen announcing he's no longer a classically trained actor and that he now considers himself part of the Hollywood action-hero fraternity. I'm […]

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July 19, 2003
Michael Moore Theme Song

My sister and brother-in-law gave me one of those plastic gift cards to Borders for my birthday. I used the funds to purchase "Weird Al" Yankovic's latest album "Poodle Hat." The album has some great parodies, including new versions of Eminem and Avril Lavigne songs. But, the album also contains an original (not a parody) […]

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In a just world, SB 918 and its New York counterpart would make the Supreme Court* say: "well, we tried to let you keep shall issue, but you morons just couldn't help yourselves, so now constitutional carry is the law of the land".

*Hopefully it doesn't need to go to SCOTUS.

New talking points just dropped in WaPo -- if that's the excuse for the raid, how does the FBI also justify letting Clinton skate when she also had docs "classified at the highest classification level"? https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2022/08/11/garland-trump-mar-a-lago/?tid=ss_tw

The most dramatic consequences of government intervention occurred in Sri Lanka, where a 2021 fertilizer ban led to a massive reduction in yields, sparking starvation and an economic crisis that brought down the government in July.


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