July 23, 2009
Indulging my paranoia

Looking at that infamous chart below got me thinking about the proposed new Office of Minority Health and the inevitable rationing that would occur under a government health plan dedicated to keeping costs down. Looking at the issue from a benign standpoint, maybe the office would operate in such a way as to make sure […]

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February 3, 2006
Flip it around

Just over one year ago, Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers gave a speech which sparked outrage among women's groups. In the speech, Summers suggested that one possibility why there are few women science and engineering professors at the nation's elite schools may be due to innate differences between men and women. Maybe, Summers suggested, that […]

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December 17, 2005
Morgan Freeman is the man

Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman is going to be on CBS's "60 Minutes" on Sunday and, in remarks released early to hype the show, Freeman appears to be anything but politically correct. “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” Freeman asks Wallace. After noting there is no “white history month,” he says, “I […]

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September 26, 2003
Racist state of California

San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Joseph Perkins has a great article in today's paper on Proposition 54. What astounds is that race demagogues like (Jesse) Jackson and (Cruz) Bustamante are hardly the only ones who hold this view. Many whites in California also share this view, particularly those who consider themselves enlightened on matters of race. […]

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September 25, 2003
Bake sale nixed

As has been done at numerous campuses, conservative students at Southern Methodist University had an affirmative action bake sale. Unlike other campuses, school officials shut the bake sale down because it created a "hostile environment." This just in, the real-world is a "hostile environment." The quote in ths story that really got me was one […]

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July 22, 2003
Dingell vs. Connerly

If you haven't seen it, it's worth a read. Michigan Democrat Rep. John Dingell posted a letter on his House Web site to UC Regent Ward Connerly attacking him for pushing for the abolition of racial preferences in Michigan. The letter itself is surprisingly juvenile and inane. Connerly's response, however, is priceless.

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May 12, 2003
Jayson Blair's many errors

This past weekend, The New York Times presented us with the first of what promises to be several accounts of the journalistic fraud perpetrated by former boy wonder Jayson Blair. The Times' account is, for the most part, a candid, brutal and honest assessment of where they went wrong when it came to Blair's work […]

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Amazing farewell for #DeltaIVHeavy st #VANDENBERG and great photos by @lwood83 @RC_FirePhoto and Matt Udkow https://www.noozhawk.com/article/vandenberg_sfb_bids_farewell_to_delta_iv_heavy_rocket

I tweeted a few days ago about what appeared to me to be a largely baseless charge of plagiarism made by @PhilWMagness. The evidence of plagiarism is more extensive than I was led to believe by the article I’d read about it. I’m deleting the tweets and I apologize to Mr. Magness.

I remember the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran where people were protesting for basic human rights. The Obama administration, including you as Secretary of State, never did anything to help them. And Biden won't do anything now, because he'd rather have a terrible nuke deal. https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1573069778021150722

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton

Iranians are protesting for their basic human rights in the aftermath of the horrific death of Mahsa Zhina Amini. Iranians deserve to live free from violence and intimidation. The world is watching.

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