The fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center

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Before I was born, the Southern Poverty Law Center was, along with the NAACP, a bastion of the civil rights movement. The organization has spent decades fighting racism, segregation and bigotry. That period of the group’s history is no more. The SPLC has moved on from its noble beginnings to a new era where it […]

Latest column

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My latest column in Sunday’s San Luis Obispo Tribune is available here. It deals with public financing of municipal elections. This bad idea was proposed by the same group fronted by anti-First Amendment crusader William Ostrander, who’s apparently running to replace the retiring Rep. Lois Capps this fall. In the past couple of days there have hilariously […]


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Sen. Barack Obama this weekend decided to go after Gov. Sarah Palin. Set aside for a moment the stupidity of spending time as the No. 1 guy on the Democratic ticket attacking the No. 2 on the GOP ticket and just focus on the subject. Barack Obama took his first direct swipe at Republican vice […]

Blogging status

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Blogging may be light over the next few days as my workload at my paying increases substantially. I encourage you to check out the links on my blogroll — especially Powerline and National Review — for continuing coverage of the Alito hearings.

Headline of the day

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Proving that The New York Times can occasionally do something right, we have the following headline, from the Travel section: Try Not to Annoy Your Llama Practical information and intriguing — it makes you want to read the story.


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Bush guilty of insider trading? According to Paul Krugman, he was, and it was only George H.W. Bush’s conniving that kept the younger Bush out of the slammer to run for president in 2000. But long before that ruling � though only a few weeks before bad news that could not be concealed caused Harken’s […]


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God’s prophet? The San Diego Union-Tribune’s James Goldsborough can’t quite top the San Francisco Chronicle’s Stephanie Salter, but he comes close. Back in December, Salter showed that she lacks some common sense by “channeling” Jesus Christ. Goldsborough merely comes across as some sort of John the Baptist, shouting in the wilderness. Goldsborough takes on some […]


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California Gov. Gray “Mussolini” Davis: Once power is given, it can be very difficult to reclaim — and that’s something that the California legislature is learning now. Today’s Sacramento Bee reports that the California legislature, dominated by Democrats, is grumbling about Davis’ continued energy-related “state of emergency.” Even though the Democratic governor insists that the […]


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Introduction to politics: Today’s Washington Post has an editorial today on the pork-laden farm bill passed earlier this month. The Post takes Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle ($-S.D.) to task for doing what all politicians do best — lying. The release came from Sen. Tim Johnson, Mr. Daschle’s fellow South Dakota Democrat, and it quoted […]