Women and men

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So, I watched the movie Crooked Arrows Sunday night after the Super Bowl. If you like lacrosse or want to know just what the heck lacrosse is, I’d encourage you to see it. Otherwise, you’ve already seen this movie done better. (It was called Hoosiers.) At the beginning of the movie, the lacrosse team from […]

The decline of men’s sports

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At the collegiate level, men’s sports have been on the decline for decades ever since federal courts outlined the only safe harbor for compliance with Title IX was having the equal numbers of men and women athletes. Ignore the fact that men are more sports-oriented generally than women. The number of men’s gymnastic and wrestling […]

A gun!!!

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I play video games.  For an approaching middle-age guy, I’m reasonably competent. When I play games like Halo or Call of Duty online, I’m usually somewhere in the middle of all the players. Occasionally I’m near the bottom and on rare, freak occasions I’m near the top. The total number of people I’ve shot in […]

A good day for football

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First, James Madison downs No. 13 Virginia Tech. Then South Dakota downs Minnesota. Then Cal Poly, which narrowly defeated Div. II Humboldt State last week took on No. 1-ranked Montana. This was the result: It was a great game. Bonus cheerleader dance team photo below the fold.

Jack Kemp, RIP

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Former Chargers QB Jack Kemp died yesterday. Our prayers are with his family. UPDATE!  The Wall Street Journal has an editorial and a combination of excerpts from various Op-Eds Kemp wrote for the paper over the years. Both are must-reading.

Lousy refs

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Hoystory Sr. has season tickets to the San Diego State men’s basketball team. I attend the games when I can. I attended last Saturday’s victory over Utah, but it’s things like this that make me wonder if you have to fail an IQ test to be a Mountain West Conference official. This didn’t affect the […]

How to make Keith Olbermann look competent

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NBC didn’t have Keith Olbermann in the studio for this evening’s Wildcard game in San Diego. Instead, they had former Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen providing “insightful” commentary. Yes, the same Matt Millen who did more to drive Detroit into the ground than the Big 3 automakers combined. In other news: Chargers win!

Close but no cigar

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Cal Poly No. 3-ranked FCS football team would’ve beaten a mediocre, but bowl-bound Wisconsin if kicker Andrew “Mudd” Gardner hadn’t missed three extra points. However, the 36-35 OT loss may have been enough to earn Cal Poly a playoff seed and the two home games (providing they win the first) that comes with it. The […]

I'm willing to PR for Nike

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Two weeks ago Arien O’Connell ran the race of her life. The 24-year-old schoolteacher from New York City ran the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon in under three hours. She beat her own personal record by more than 12 minutes. Officially, O’Connell finished 26th. Twenty-five “elite” runners runners were given a 20 minute head start […]