The Clinton’s Man at ABC

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ABC News’ chief anchor George Stephanopolous is not a journalist. He’s a Democratic operative—never forget that. The Free Beacon reports that the former communications director for President Bill Clinton donated $50,000 to the Clinton foundation from 2013 to 2014. This comes just a few weeks after Stephanopolous aggressively grilled “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer on […]

What watchdog journalism looks like

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Associated Press reporter Matt Lee questions Obama State Department flack about why they have “no intention” of examining whether the secret donations to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure affected government policy. Unsurprisingly, this is also what a cover-up looks like.

Which economic policies help the lower class?

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A former colleague of mine shared this Washington Post Wonkblog article on Facebook. Most of the article is unobjectionable. However, the part that is objectionable is very objectionable. The head and subhead: How growing up poor changes politicians Democrats from humble backgrounds more often vote for economic policies that help the lower class. For Republicans, upbringing doesn’t matter. […]

U-T San Diego Sold

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NiemanLab has an article out on then-rumored (but now confirmed and  imminent) sale of my former employer, the U-T San Diego (formerly the San Diego Union-Tribune) to Tribune Publishing, the owner of the Los Angeles Times, among other papers. The majority of the article is your standard inside-baseball media story, but every time something like this happens you feel […]

Journalism 101

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I’ve said before that the longer I’ve been out of newspapers and the news business, the more disdain and outright hostility I feel for too many of those who remain in it. It’s not petty jealousy. It’s the fact that when all I see is the crap they produce and don’t deal with them as people […]

This week in George Orwell

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I saw this last night on “Special Report” with Bret Baier on Fox News. It features ABC’s White House correspondent Jonathan Karl, but ABC didn’t find it newsworthy enough to broadcast. The White House has taken the position that Jordan should not do a deal with ISIS where they trade a convicted bomber participated in […]

Snowmaggedon 2015! Everybody panic!

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I realize that many will believe my casual dismissal of the big storm hitting the East Coast is a result of today’s the temperature here locally on the Central Coast of California where it reached a balmy 75 degrees today. However, I want to assure our New England readers that I feel your pain. It’s […]

Most American journalists are cowards

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With the notable exception of the small class of American war correspondents, the vast majority of American journalists are, to use the Texas phrase: “All hat and no cattle.” The assassination this morning of ten satirists at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo along with two police officers by adherents of the “Religion of Pieces” has once […]

What good journalism doesn't look like

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Many years ago when I was a copy editor/page designer at the North County Times we had a reporter that had gotten an interview that everyone on the San Diego area news media was angling for. A local man had gotten into a serious car accident across the border in Mexico and, because he didn’t have […]

Hacks all the way down

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The Washington Post decided to triple-down on its war on women by naming former GOP staffer and nobody Elizabeth Lauten as having the “Worst Week in Washington.” When I saw this on Twitter, I had a rather succinct response, that ended up leading the “Media” category on Twitchy for most of the afternoon. I’ll tell you […]