Our stupid Supreme Court Justice

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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has been in the news lately. Last week, National Review’s Bench Memos writer Matthew J. Franck reported on an article Breyer wrote for the Journal of Supreme Court History that was riddled with factual errors. The biggest error was that the infamous Dred Scott decision was a 6-3 decision. Any […]

People Obama can do business with

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Here’s another reality check for those who think that the current Iranian regime is one we should be reaching out to. Apparently it’s against the law in the Islamic Republic to execute a virgin – the mullahs in Iran know how to fix that. Explaining how he had come to join the volunteer Basiji forces, […]

Suicide for liberals

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Bret Stephens has an excellent article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal on the curious fact that liberals will defend their values against WASP conservatives, but not against Islamofascists. For whatever else distinguishes Islamism from liberalism, both are remarkably self-absorbed affairs, obsessed with maintaining the purity of their own values no matter what the cost. In […]

Another victory for the theocrats

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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this week turned back an appeal by parents of some seventh graders against a public school’s curriculum that they said indoctrinated students into Christianity. Among the more objectional parts of the program: Students would practice saying prayers and conclude them “in Jesus’ name, Amen.” Memorization of the Lord’s […]

I guess that's the journalistic standard

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Judging by how few American newspapers had the intestinal fortitude and respect for their readers to actually publish the rather tame cartoons of Muhammed that sparked riots around the world that left more than 150 people dead, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the cowards at the University of Illinois have fired the editor […]

What have you done lately?

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London’s Independent newspaper has an article online detailing the 20 most influential inventions/discoveries courtesy of the Muslim world. Click the link and take a look, but also notice the dates of the discoveries — the most recent ones are in the 1700s. That shows you that there is a serious problem in Muslim society, and […]

Muhammed cartoons

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It’s a rare day that you get conservative talk show host Bill Bennett and liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz agreeing on just about anything, but there’s one subject that can bring even those two together — criticizing the cowardly American media. What has happened? To put it simply, radical Islamists have won a war of […]

Like real life, only funnier

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Bruce Fierstein over at The New York Observer is channeling the New York Times new public editor Ali bin-Zabar. Ali: This is awful. Horrible. What about the gay wedding announcements? Debbie Dear Ms. T: As you’re no doubt aware of the Koran’s position on homosexuality, let me be clear here: In the future, there will […]

More cartoon violence

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Over the weekend, 15 people were killed in Nigeria and another 11 in Libya as the engineered violence in response to the rather tame Muhammed cartoons continued to claim lives. In a case of bad timing, my paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune, published an incredibly lame justification for not having published any of the Danish […]

For the record

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For some reason this story didn’t make it online, but as you may know the San Diego Union-Tribune is one of the majority of American papers that have refused to run the controversial Muhammed cartoons. The following is editor Karin Winner’s explanation that appeared in Tuesday’s paper. Karin Winner, editor of The San Diego Union-Tribune, […]