I received an email Tuesday afternoon from Politifact reporter Molly Moorhead.

I’m not going to share it with you.

What I am going to do is write some things that aforementioned letter inspired.

  • Yes, I’d make an excellent editor.
  • I’m not your editor.
  • My goal isn’t to make your reporting better—it’s to hold you accountable to your professed standards.
  • I use the term Politifraud advisedly. I believe the whole unbiased, middle-of-the-road, we-call-‘em-like-we-see-‘em from a neutral perspective is a load of crap.
  • I think there’s a serious case of groupthink at Politifraud.
  • If you want to be a journalist, grow a thick skin.
  • Criticisms made by me are incredibly meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Even with an Instalanche, I reach fewer people than I did when I was writing articles for The Lompoc Record in the mid-90s.
  • Get over it.
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