I must confess that I wasn’t going to touch the topic of this week’s ridiculous Newsweek cover story by the world’s most famous gay man to be obsessed with Sarah Palin’s vagina.

I also wasn’t too interested in the predictable “racism” debate that would spring up when some compared the picture of President Barack Obama to a beleaguered Jimmy Carter and “liver lips” became a racist slur.

What did interest me was this roundup of reactions from Politico.com:

The latest edition of Newsweek features the face of a pensive President Barack Obama along with the provocative headline: “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?” — and that’s hit a little too close to home for conservative bloggers. [emphasis added]

Really? We’re angry because we’re dumb? And this was a news article?

I expect this sort of insulting slurs from Newsweek which some time ago (I think it was before it was sold for 1$) decided to jettison all pretense of journalistic objectivity and go full lefty. But I was under the impression that Politico was still carrying on the farce.

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One Response to Your liberal media

  1. bravetruth says:

    But I was under the impression that Politico was still carrying on the farce.

    Based on which even-handed article from them?

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