Politifarce again

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Honestly, keeping on top of the hacks a “Politifact” could be a full-time job. Maybe the Koch Bros. could hire me at an exorbitant rate to school Politifraud on their own rules. Today’s case in point is a purported fact-check of Ann Coulter. For the record, I’m not a fan of Coulter. I haven’t read […]

Fact checking frauds

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To say I’m disgusted by the media’s so-called “fact-checkers” would be an understatement. Though they purport to hold themselves to some higher-standard for truthfulness than their “unbiased” colleagues, the truth is that they’re just peddling the same crap product in a slightly different package. Over the past week, a couple of “fact checks” from Politifraud have […]

The media's lies

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I really shouldn’t be surprised when the media lazily lies to promote President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s agenda. Driving into work this morning I caught the on-the-hour report by Associated Press Radio News’ Rita Foley. Foley characterized the last continuing resolution passed by the GOP House as “gutting Obamacare.” For the record, that “gutting” […]