The stupid, it burns

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So, as part of my other job that must-not-be-named I found myself over at Mother Jones, reading this article by David Corn. There’s far less to the article than Corn would have you believe. Corn attempts to make a lot of hay out four non-committal sentences in an interview House Speaker John Boehner gave back […]

More on women in combat

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So, a thoughtful young lady posted a comment on my previous post regarding the foolish decision by the Obama administration to open up combat positions in the military to women. The worst part about this whole issue is that there hasn’t been nearly the serious discussion of this issue in the media and society as […]

The country’s in the very best of hands

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Earlier this year, President Obama disbanded his Jobs Council. With the election won, Obama didn’t need the flimsy cover that he actually cared about creating jobs anymore. Not that it mattered—the council seldom met and accomplished nothing. But at least the jobs council had people on it who created actual jobs. On Thursday, Obama sought […]

Consistently dishonest

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Politifraud stepped in it again this week when it decided to intent-check a statement made by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio during the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. The statement Politifraud wanted to check was this: "Tonight, he even criticized us for refusing to raise taxes to delay military cuts – […]

The Obama Economy

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Saturday night I went to see the Fresno Philharmonic with my best girl. (The concert was great, by the way.) The next day she showed me the following advertisement in the program. You’ll have to excuse the flare from the flash on my camera phone, but I thought Lennar’s “The Home Within a Home” (Service […]

Women and men

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So, I watched the movie Crooked Arrows Sunday night after the Super Bowl. If you like lacrosse or want to know just what the heck lacrosse is, I’d encourage you to see it. Otherwise, you’ve already seen this movie done better. (It was called Hoosiers.) At the beginning of the movie, the lacrosse team from […]

Funky-looking site

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So, I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress finally and it’s broken my no-longer supported Pagelines theme. It apparently doesn’t appear fixable, so I’ll be needing to upgrade the theme. I hope to have it fixed in the next few days. Along with a couple of new posts that have been percolating in my […]